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All steel construction, 315M high, Break-out table to open 200mm.

KM Drill 311T is a compact, portable Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig Overall Length (L x W x H) : 3830 x 1650 x 1850mm with drilling capacity : 3  5 DTH Hammer with 4  61/2 Bits to the depth of 150M. with Drill pipe length 2.00M with OD Diameter 76mm and 69mm of ID. Thread 2 3/8 API REG Mod, PIN and BoxMAST : All steel construction, 315M high, Break-out table to open 200mm. Mast is vertical and 12 degree angular position when transportation and controlled by hydraulic cylinder. Feed System : Rotation head drive by hydraulic cylinder through heavy duty chain - Head travel : 2.25M - Pull up : Capacity 1819.05kg with speed (Max) 12.83m/min - Pull down : Capacity 2063.07kg with speed (Max) 9.33m/min - Feed : Run with speed 5.08m/minControl Panel : Operating s control panel equipped with 4 main levers for control drill head travelling, and rotating speed adjustment, feed system equipped with 2 controllers, slow/rapid drill head speed and determination of feed system and 4 pressure gauges and 1 engine speed. Rotation head : Single reduction gearbox with hydraulic motor. The system provides infinity variable rotation speed. Enable to Swing a side- Gear box ratio 3.875 : 1- Speed 0  45 rpm- Rotation torque 185.67 kg-m.Hydraulic Power pack : Operated from engine driven power pack with engine: 13HP 3600rpm. gasoline engine, air cooled, hand starting. (10HP diesel engine is available) Air system : Fitted a lubricator of venturi type for Down the Hole drills Max Pressure 20 bars and Oil tank capacity 5 Litre. Hydraulic system : TANDEM Pump, system pressure 250 bars Max, 55 litre Tank Capacity. Stabilizing Jacks : 2 front jacks (Manual Joystick Jack) and 2 rear jack (Hydraulic Jack)